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    CEREC Crowns

    CEREC Crowns

    With CEREC same-day dental crowns, you can leave our office with a functional, natural-looking solution to your dental needs. If you are a Columbus, Ohio resident with cracked, chipped, or decayed teeth, our team can use CEREC technology to restore your smile in a single visit. Take advantage of CEREC dental crowns for a kinder, gentler, and faster crown treatment!

    What Is a Dental Crown?

    Dental crowns are natural-colored, tooth-shaped caps that are placed over damaged areas of your tooth to improve the function and appearance of your teeth. Crowns have many uses and are great for both functional and cosmetic treatments.

    CEREC crowns are made of ceramic and can be installed in a single visit. They are extremely resilient and look and feel just like your natural teeth.

    Why Should I Choose CEREC Crowns?

    CEREC dental crowns are made right in our office from 3-D models of your teeth. This advanced technology allows our doctors to place durable, long-lasting, and beautiful crowns over damaged teeth in one session.

    Some benefits include:

    •   No injections
    •   No metal
    •   No sticky impressions
    •   No temporary restoration period
    •   Durable
    •   Minimally invasive procedure
    •   Natural looking
    •   Same-day solution

    This procedure can be completed in less than 20 minutes. With CEREC, you can leave our office with a custom-made crown that is durable, functional, and natural-looking. CEREC bonding also allows more of your natural tooth to be preserved! Using CEREC technology, Dr. Barry is able to treat patients quickly and conservatively.

    The CEREC Process

    What goes into the CEREC crown process? It’s actually surprisingly simple and straightforward! First, Dr. Barry will prepare your tooth for the crown. Next, he will take a digital image of your tooth. This image is used to create a 3-D model, which is then used to construct your new crown. The best part is, we can make your new crown right here in our office while you relax! We use high-quality materials to ensure your new crown is durable, functional, and stain-resistant. Dr. Barry will work carefully to make sure your new crown matches the color of your other teeth for a more natural smile. Once the crown is complete, Dr. Barry will polish it, adjust it, and bond it to your tooth.

    Regain your confidence in one simple visit! If you have any questions or wish to schedule an appointment, call our Columbus dental office at 614-451-2234.