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    Teeth Whitening

    Teeth Whitening

    Teeth whitening is a simple but effective treatment to enhance your smile safely and effectively. In as little as one visit you can leave our office with a bright, radiant smile!

    Over time, your teeth can become discolored and stained by tobacco, food, brightly colored drinks, coffee, wine, medications, and poor hygiene. Even if your teeth are healthy, stains can make them look aged and damaged. If you have deep stains or just simply want a brighter smile, our team at Lifetime Dental Health can offer a variety of whitening options.

    Will Teeth Whitening Work for Me?

    We recommend whitening for anyone uncomfortable with their stained or discolored teeth. Teeth that are stained in yellow, orange, or brown hues respond best to the bleaching procedure. Teeth that are discolored by smoking, tetracycline, fluorosis, and other gray stains don’t respond as dramatically to treatment, but they can still be lightened.

    Store-bought whitening strips and pastes aren’t always effective, and many can be expensive. Dentist-supervised whitening is the most effective (and safest) way to brighten your smile.

    While teeth whitening is a great solution for stained teeth, it isn’t for everyone. Those with periodontal disease, eroded enamel, or sensitive teeth may not be able to undergo bleach treatment. Together, Dr. Barry and Dr. Love can help you decide what the best path is for you to obtain a whiter, more radiant smile!

    In-Office and At-Home Whitening Options

    At Lifetime Dental Health, we understand that not everyone has the time or budget for in-office whitening treatments. This is why we offer supervised at-home whitening options. For at-home options, we will provide you with a custom mouth guard or tray. These trays are lightweight and contain the necessary bleaching agents. Each tray is thin, so you can wear them comfortably while you are awake or sleep. Because they are so thin, you can also speak normally while wearing a tray. Day or night, these take-home trays are safe and convenient teeth whitening tools.

    There are several options to choose from. For those with sensitive teeth, a system that is worn two to four hours a day for three to six weeks may be the best option. If you are looking for something more convenient, there are systems available that can be worn at night while you sleep. These systems only take 10 – 14 days.

    Are These Results Permanent?

    The results of teeth whitening treatments can last from a few months up to three years. It all depends on your personal dental habits and hygiene. Eating stain-inducing foods or drinking things such as coffee and wine can also affect the longevity of your treatment.

    If you have any questions or wish to schedule an appointment, call our Columbus dental office at 614-451-2234.