Smile Gallery

At Lifetime Dental Health, we want all of our Columbus patients to walk out our doors with a smile. Check out our Smile Gallery below to see how we helped transform these patients smiles. Give us a call today at 614-451-2234, or schedule an appointment online to find out what we can do for you!

“After years of grinding at night my teeth had become shortened and cracked and I experienced frequent headaches. Dr. Barry designed porcelain veneers to correct the damage to my teeth and a bite plane to correct my bite and prevent future damage. He and his great staff were a pleasure to work with during this process that was both surprisingly quick and virtually painless. I now have a natural looking radiant smile that receives constant compliments and additionally have no more headaches!”
– Gina
“I needed to have two of my front teeth pulled and two bridges put in place to replace those two teeth. I was very concerned about damage to my other front teeth and a change in my smile. Dr. Barry understood my concerns and created bridges that use my actual teeth to hold the porcelain teeth in place. As a result, I have been able to keep as many of my own teeth as possible – and my smile looks exactly the same. Nobody can tell I have had any dental work done.”
– Jennifer
“My teeth were so short the width was greater than the length. Dr. Barry designed porcelain veneers to correct existing damage and a bite plane to prevent further damage. The procedure was painless and the veneers look and feel very natural. I have great confidence in Dr. Barry and his staff as dental professionals.”
– Carol
“Late last year, I was in the process of looking for a new dentist. As I was contemplating having cosmetic dentistry performed I didn’t feel that my current dentist was qualified to perform the latest cosmetic techniques. After much research, I decided to make an appointment with Dr. Barry for a consultation. After the consultation, I knew I had found my “new” dentist. The procedure involved twelve porcelain veneers. There was only minimal discomfort. As a “senior citizen,” I have lived with crooked and broken teeth for many years. Now, I feel as though I has a smile makeover-thanks to Dr. Barry’s expertise ans state of the art techniques. He and his entire staff are very kind and made the visits a pleasant experience. Having received the best dental care possible, I can now smile with pride.”
– Patricia
“For an extensive procedure, my experience with Dr. Barry has been the easiest and painless dental work, ever. He and his staff are extremely courteous and willing to help in any way possible. This team of dental hygenists are not only professional, but also interested in your well-being before and after any procedure. I would recommend this group of professionals to anyone!”
– Marshall
“I love my new smile! I have more confidence and feel more self-assured. Dr. Love was very gentle and caring throughout the entire process. She took her time listening to my needs and my concerns. Thank you for my new, beautiful smile!”
– June
“Imagine my panic when, on a sunny summer day, while my son practiced with his baseball team, I witnessed a line drive that hit him square in the mouth. He ended up with one ugly, jagged front tooth. Actually, there was just half of the tooth remaining. We called Dr. Barry’s office right away and they were wonderful. Very understanding and very reassuring. Once the swelling went down, we were able to get in for an appointment immediately. I was certain that his great smile would be crooked forever, but I was wrong. Dr. Barry and his team were able to repair the tooth beautifully with virtually no discomfort. When we walked out of his office a short time later, there was absolutely no way to tell where the break occurred. As you can see from his before and after pictures, Dr. Barry did a fantastic job for which we are very grateful.”
– Janet & Hayden
“It is amazing how my new ability to smile and chew naturally – for the first time in my life – subtly influences my life style! As a new patient, the most impressive aspects of your approach are:
(1) your careful and accurate analysis (and communication) of the problem, and
(2) your treatment combining advanced technology with experienced gentle dentistry.
Of course the high skill and professionalism of every member of your team contributes greately to the total experience and result.”

– Dr. Doyle, Ph.D.
“I knew I wanted a pretty smile, but I had no idea what a difference it would make. I have the smile I have always wanted and it looks so natural. Getting veneers is one of the best things I have done for my appearance.”
– Heather